NBC Finally Puts 'Community' (and Its Fans) Out of Its Misery

Everybody get your #SixSeasonsAndaMovie jokes in now: NBC has cancelled Community. Plus a whole bunch of other NBC developments in preparation for next week's upfronts.

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Everybody get your #SixSeasonsAndaMovie jokes in now: NBC has cancelled Community.

So much for Abed's "We'll be back next year" promise in "Basic Sandwich." After a tumultuous five seasons, Dan Harmon's cult sitcom has come to the end of its run, one season and a movie short of fulfilling its hashtag aspirations. Shortly after the announcement, Dan Harmon tweeted his thanks to the cast, crew, and fans. We'll see if any controversial tumblr posts come later.

The show's cancellation was rumored yesterday, and confirmation came this afternoon as NBC, playing the role of Roman emperor, gave the thumbs up or down to the various bubble shows on its schedule. Also getting the ax were dystopian drama Revolution, high-concept dramas Believe and Crisis, and first-year sitcom Growing Up Fisher, while About a Boy and Hannibal were both spared and will see a second and third season, respectively. According to Variety, Parenthood will also likely get another season. 

Community's demise shouldn't exactly be a surprise, as the show was perpetually on the verge of cancellation for seemingly its entire run. And really, after five unlikely seasons and the departure/return of creator Dan Harmon, the show and its fans should be thankful it made it this farCommunity finishes its run not as the put-upon underdog it likes to see itself as, but as a sitcom that managed a healthy five seasons despite its constant off-screen drama, and while never pulling in astounding ratings. As Vulture's Joe Adalian points out, NBC is finally in good enough shape that it no longer needs to keep dragging Community along.  

At least now fans can stop worrying whether or not Community will get another season. And don't worry about Dan Harmon; he's got enough going these days to keep him busy.

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