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Today, alongside the announcements of series pickups, The CW declared The Carrie Diaries dead. Following the news of Fox's decision to cancel Enlisted yesterday, we are now officially in the phase of upfront season wherein we mourn the loss of beloved, yet little-watched shows. 

Though The CW also did away with Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People, and Fox disposed of (thank goodness) Dads, Surviving Jack, and Rake, the loss of The Carrie Diaries and Enlisted hits hardest. Though The Carrie Diaries (which lasted just two seasons) had more of a chance than Enlisted (which Fox brutally scheduled on Fridays and aired out of order) both were shows that critical acclaim but seemed doomed to be gone too soon. The Carrie Diaries proved itself to be more than just a crass attempt to capitalize on lingering Sex and the City nostalgia, by focusing less on lurid teen sexuality and more on the dynamics between Carrie and her friends and family. Enlisted, meanwhile, was a genuinely funny workplace comedy that happened to be set in the military. 

But any Internet outcry over The Carrie Diaries and Enlisted will be dwarfed if the rumblings about Community are right. BuzzFeed's Kate Aurthur tweeted today: "I hear that is NOT looking good for renewal." Dan Harmon's improbable show lasted far longer than anyone expected, but a cancellation at this point will mean it will fall just short of its "six seasons and a movie" rallying cry. 

But not all is grim! The CW picked up the exciting iZombie from Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero of Veronica Mars fame, as well as The Flash, an Arrow spin-off. NBC is also getting into the comic book game with Constantine. The network also added the Debra Messing-starring drama Mysteries of Laura and a Rashida Jones-produced comedy, A to Z, to its lineup

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