Justin Bieber Terrorized a Mini-Golf Course, Made a Child Cry

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Today in celebrity gossip: Justin Bieber's reign of A-holery continues, more details on the Solange-Jay Z dust-up, and Miley Cyrus did not trash talk Liam Hemsworth.

Mini-golf courses, batting cages, waterslide parks, family fun centers, ball pits: All are sacred grounds. They're where you go when you just want to forget your worries and enjoy life and maybe roll a wooden ball up into a hole to win tickets and prizes. You know? We go to these wonderful fun-emporiums to spend quality time with our step-children or, I don't know, lose our virginity in the parking lot, and they are the last places you'd want Justin Bieber to bring his special brand of tiny-hunk assholery. Yet according to TMZ that's exactly what he did Monday night at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park mini-golf complex. Apparently Bieber and his entourage "got into an altercation with some guys at the batting cage" and he noticed that a nearby woman was reaching for her cell phone. He then berated her and demanded she delete any photos she'd taken, but when she protested that she hadn't, he snatched her phone from her purse and attempted to go through it. Then the woman "began wrestling with Bieber" over her phone, at which point she showed him that she hadn't taken any photos. Then things took a turn for the nasty:

She told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi, and Justin screamed, "You're humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don't you just get out of here." Her daughter started crying.

She says at that point Justin turned and started screaming at someone else.

After all that shrill screaming, the woman apparently contacted the LAPD and they're currently deciding whether or not Bieber can be charged with a crime for grabbing her phone from her purse a.k.a. attempted robbery. Anyway, then the next day Justin Bieber went horseback riding topless. Thus concludes an item about Justin Bieber. [TMZ]

Yes, of course we're still talking about the time Solange beat up Jay Z in an elevator, and we will probably all continue talking about it until the earth jumps off its axis and spins directly into a black hole. It is a new day, and with each new day brings more speculation and hearsay about why exactly Solange felt the need to beat up Jay Z in an elevator. Here's a roundup!

  • There's an alleged screengrab of a Solange tweet in which she claims that Jay Z had hit Beyoncé. That screengrab is fake. [TMZ]
  • A source from the Met Gala alleges that "Solange was provoked" by designer Rachel Roy, with whom she'd exchanged heated words, and that Beyoncé "intervened with a warning not to talk to her sister." But another source from the same party alleges that "the women's interaction 'was very limited' and that Solange was 'yelling at other people at the party'" as well. [People]
  • Meanwhile, Rachel Roy's ex-husband and known Jay Z enemy, Damon Dash, posted an image of Solange to Instagram with the caption "I am actually impressed with her independent spirit, she seems like a fighter." Haha, colddd. [E! Online]
  • TMZ reports that shortly after the infamous security camera footage leaked, Solange accompanied Jay Z to a "high-end NYC jewelry store" called Mr. Flawless where "they looked, but tried nothing on" and "left the store without buying anything." So, either they were just peacefully running errands together, or one was looking to make amends to the other, or most likely, it was just a perfunctory, damage control "publicity stunt." [TMZ]
  • Probably most telling of all, shortly after the altercation last weekend Solange deleted all photos of Beyoncé from her Instagram account. This would have occurred around the same time Beyoncé posted that cryptic image of a prayer about cutting negative influences from her life. [E! Online]
  • BUT THEN early this morning Beyoncé started the day by posting four consecutive photos of herself with Solange. WHAT does it all meeaan?
  • And finally, just FYI, actress Olivia Wilde does NOT approve of that security video's existence.

(What you gettin' up to in elevators, Olivia Wilde?)

And there you have it! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates about the time Solange beat up Jay Z in an elevator.

We're now getting to an especially awkward phase of that whole Bryan Singer rape allegation situation where the stars of X-Men: Days of Future Past are being asked about it in promotional interviews. To those paying attention this is like deja vu of the Woody Allen thing from a few months ago where celebrities are being forced to defend their director while being careful not to discount the victims' allegations. Ellen Page, then, deserves some kind of gold medal for answering the question fearlessly, calling the allegations "super, super disturbing. … I guess the truth will come out in the way that it does, but it's hard to hear about someone being in that situation, someone you like working with." It's a measured response in that it expresses support for a co-worker's right to a fair trial, but then Page went on to say something even more important: "Whatever comes of it, I do think that there's a systemic issue of people in places of power manipulating and abusing young people." WOW. Yes. That is a very good quote from a very good person about something that people are perhaps too eager to overlook in the race to condemn or defend. Great job, Ellen Page, sincerely. [Hollywood Reporter]

Yesterday we were all atwitter about some harsh words Miley Cyrus expressed before a recent performance of "Wrecking Ball," harsh words that seemed directed at ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth. But now she's saying that was not the case! As she later clarified on Twitter, "Just FYI what I said the other night at G.A.Y had nothing to do with Liam. I was just tryin to rile up the boys." She added, "I never want hateful things being said about those I care about... I was just tooooo turnttttt up." So there you have it. Miley Cyrus does not publicly harbor bitterness toward Liam Hemsworth, she was merely tooooo turnttttt up. [Us Weekly]

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Meanwhile, a fan made a truly chilling discovery about Miley Cyrus' knee:

Guys, I don't mean to start a vicious argument or feud here, but Spring Breakers was the #1 best movie of 2013 and, again, not trying to fight with you about this, but a true fact would be that Spring Breakers was the best movie of 2013. I'm glad we could agree on this. Anyway, rumor has it the producers are planning a sequel without the participation of director Harmony Korine or any of the original cast. Here's James Franco's response to this news: A video of his Spring Breakers character Alien eating a rice cake along with the caption "F*** that SBers 2 BS, they're doing it without HARMONY's CONSENT. Sounds LAME AS A MUTHA!"

Alex Pettyfer got tricks:

Finally, professional friend collector Taylor Swift expressed some happy birthday greetings for noted wunderkind Lena Dunham!

Meanwhile, Lena Dunham tweeted the following about Taylor Swift?



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