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On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart looked once again at the Department of Veteran Affairs and "the seemingly unending problems it is providing in timely medical care." The issue, Stewart reminds us, is that VA dysfunction extends across decades and political parties.

"No one is more upset about this than the lions of the Republican Senate," Stewart said. Senators John Thune, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell all railed against President Obama for failing veterans.

"Yes these Republican Senators have always stood up for our veterans, when they think it can help them slam the president – it's slightly different when they think no one is watching," Stewart said, referring to a bill Republicans blocked in February that would've expanded health care and education to veterans. 

"But of course, as the president's critics rightly pointed out, President Obama knew about the VA backlog problems before he was even President Obama," Stewart explained, referring to a memo from the Bush Administration to Obama's transition team that detailed the VA's issues. Stewart: "[This memo] proves two things: one, this president hasn't done enough to end this backlog, and two, the previous president hadn't done enough to end the backlog." Both parties, it turns out, have a hard time getting veterans the care they deserve.

"As traditions go, mistreating our veterans is a fully bipartisan endeavor," Stewart said.

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