'Jesus Christ Superstar' Cast Flashes Middle Fingers After Tour Gets Canceled

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The semi-star-studded production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' was canceled just days before the show was set to kick off an American arena tour. The 54-city tour was unceremoniously given the axe late on Friday without any explanation from the producers.

 The show depicted names such as, Michelle Williams formerly of Destiny’s Child who was to play Mary Magdalene, Brandon Boyd of Incubus would had presented the role of Judas, JC Chasez of `N Sync as Pontius Pilate, and Ben Forster was slated to play Jesus Christ. Forster was selected after his big win on the U.K. popular show Superstar.

Dashing the dreams of countless fans of Jesus, musicals, and late-90s, early-aughts acts, the cancelation was announced on Twitter.

Also, a very clinical notice was posted on the show's website: 

In a photo posted by actor Rob Copeland, the reaction among the cast did not seem to be in the spirit of turning the other cheek. 

Ben Forster, who was meant to play Jesus, added this:

Director Laurence Connor was a little more somber:

While the cause of the abrupt scrubbing may not be revealed, an obvious possibility would be finances. Back in April, when the show was first announced, producer Michael Cohl, who worked on the not-so-successful Broadway show "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," explained that "the new show's total costs are in the "eight figures" and needs to pull in "several hundred thousand dollars" each night to keep it on the road.


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