James Franco on Lindsay Lohan: "Alright, We Maybe Kissed."

Today in celebrity gossip: James Franco stands by his denial of Lindsay Lohan's sexual claims, Jennifer Lawrence loves booze, and John Leguizamo paid perfect tribute to the late Bob Hoskins.

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Today in celebrity gossip: James Franco stands by his denial of Lindsay Lohan's sexual claims, Jennifer Lawrence loves booze, and John Leguizamo paid perfect tribute to the late Bob Hoskins.

As this week marks the 10th anniversary of Mean Girls' release, it's only natural that we've all focused our nostalgia-beams on Mark Waters' Millennial-seminal high school comedy. But any conversation about what Mean Girls' various castmembers have been up to since making that film will be overshadowed, as always, by Lindsay Lohan's now decade-long career swan-dive. To be fair, Lohan may not have gone onto starring in Harrison Ford morning news comedies nor been scream-sung at by Hugh Jackman, but she HAS made a handwritten list of 30+ celebrity conquests and, depending on one's priorities in life, that is truly the achievement of a lifetime. While most of Lohan's fingered sexual-partners-of-varying-talent have remained mum about whether or not they'd indeed had a dalliance with the erstwhile Cady Heron, one has remained steadfast in his denial: James Franco. The usually publicity-hungry actor first denied the liaison in a casual interview, but this week he took to Howard Stern's SiriusXM show to reiterate that he simply did NOT have sexual relations with that woman: "I will swear on anything you ask that I have never had sex with Lindsay Lohan... I will swear on my mother's life." When Stern wondered if Lohan's alleged lie meant that she was delusional, Franco clarified, "Alright, we maybe kissed. It was lame. I can't believe she put me on that private list! She's so delusional!" Franco went on to recount one time back in the day when Lohan "let herself into [his] apartment" and he woke to her "standing over [him]," but don't worry, he "remained a gentleman." So I guess that settles it. Absent an official Lohan denial of Franco's denial, I guess we can cross at least one name off her still legendary list. Now, Zac Efron, care to comment? [Us Weekly]

Please don't be shocked; you might want to sit down for this. Are you ready? Are you in a safe place? Are all your emergency contacts on file and up to date? Okay, listen, because this one's a doozy. Jennifer Lawrence MAY have attended this year's Oscar ceremony intoxicated. I know what you're about to say: The Oscars were one hundred million years ago, who cares what happened at the Oscars, don't waste my time with this dated tripe. First off, that is harsh but fair, but listen: Jennifer Lawrence Fever may be on the wane, but it's still newsworthy when she talks about puking in front of a sober Miley Cyrus, right? Apparently Jennifer Lawrence will be recounting this whole drunken vomiting Oscar escapade on an already-taped episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, but here's how an audience member described Lawrence's story to Us Weekly: "Jen said she was so drunk, she puked on the stairs at Madonna's after-party, and Miley walked by and said something like, 'Get it together, girl!'" Guys, I don't know. Something something Jennifer Lawrence something something puking Miley Cyrus Oscars. Newsworthy stuff! Also, according to the same audience member, Jennifer Lawrence will be telling Meyers that Brad Pitt "smelled like sandalwood." Please adjust your How Does Brad Pitt Smell? office pools accordingly. [Page Six]

Friends, there's no fun or festive angle to this one: As many people speculated after her way-too-soon passing, British heiress-celebrity Peaches Geldof's death has been ruled a heroin overdose. Though initial reports indicated that neither hard drugs nor paraphernalia were found in her home, a UK judicial hearing is expected to announce that this was definitely a heroin situation. But the story gets sadder: Not only did Geldof overdose with her 11-month-old son nearby, Geldof's mother Paula Yates had also died of a heroin overdose 14 years earlier. Chillingly, in her final hours Geldof had even Instagrammed a photo of herself with her mother, though it's unclear to what extent this was intentional or merely ironic. So, yeah. Please try to enjoy the rest of your Thursday. [Page Six]

Oh, how about some salacious, scandalous celebrity hookup action? That is always a good mood-lifter, right? Twilight's (but more importantly, Thirteen's) Nikki Reed has been "hooking up" with Dancing With the Stars' hot-footed elfin hunklet Derek Hough. See, just a month ago Reed separated from her husband after two years of marriage and it appears her first order of business was to get all up on a slightly more masculine version of Julianne Hough at a Los Angeles bar: "There was lots of PDA, Nikki was feeding him, holding hands, and they left together. They didn't seem to care if anyone was watching." And why should they care? By mouth-attacking each other in public Nikki Reed and Derek Hough were essentially just being good samaritans! Keep brightening our world with your heart-sparks, you horny love birds. [Us Weekly]

That we've lost Bob Hoskins to the Grim Reaper's eternity-long reign of dickery is an unqualified tragedy. But that doesn't mean we can't laugh SO much at John Leguizamo's impromptu Twitter tribute to his fallen Super Mario Bros. The Movie co-star:

Yep, he tweeted a screenshot from a Google Image search for "leguizamo hoskins super mario." At least it's a picture of them high-fiving! If he wasn't already doing so, may this be the thing that allows Bob Hoskins to finally rest in peace. [Gawker]

Daniel Craig, Seth Meyers, Steve Carell, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Benicio Del Toro and several other male celebrities would like to have a serious discussion with you about sexual assault:


Oh, fine, here's a selfie Mark Ruffalo took with his Avengers: Age of Ultron bossman Joss Whedon:

And finally, look at this: Somebody put Beyoncé in a corner!

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