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Ukrainian "prankster" Vitalii Sediuk reminds once again why we're not allowed to have nice things. Sediuk,  who once tried to mouthkiss Will Smith (only to be slapped), stormed the stage at the Grammys to interrupt Adele (only to be laid low by J-Lo), gave Kylie Minogue goat's milk (apparently, it was well-received), and gave Madonna a hydrangea (not well-received), was dragged away from the Cannes Film Festival yesterday.

What was the notorious award-crasher's crime this time? He darted onto the red carpet and dove underneath America Ferrera's dress.

The former Ugly Betty actress was  both startled and disturbed.

The creeper in question—who looked to be wearing a tuxedo, or at least a formal dark suit—managed to poke his head under Ferrera's dress before being hauled away by security. He didn't go that quietly, either, as he managed to cling to one of her ankles before being forced to let go.

Sediuk's also made quite a name for him as a practitioner of the dark arts of staged crotch-hugging on the red carpet. This year alone, his victims include Leonard DiCaprio and Bradley Cooper. But it's the act against Ferrera that has seemingly breached the divide between strange acts of mischief and disquieting assault. 

The Washington Post added:

These are not only totally unrevealing stunts, if that is what they are supposed to be. They are assault. Just because they happen to men as well as well as women does not mean they should be treated as examples of puckishness or pranksterism.

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