Here's Arcade Fire's New Video Featuring Andrew Garfield Dressed in Drag

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It's no surprise that celebrities love making cameos for Arcade Fire, and their latest video for the song "We Exist" is no exception: Spider-Man himself, Andrew Garfield, stars. In the video, Garfield's character shaves his head, puts on women's clothing and a wig, and goes to a small town bar dressed as a woman, where he is taunted and abused. After a thrashing dance break—which we very much hope was performed by Garfield in its entirety—his character ultimately ends up at Coachella dressed in an angelic white dress with a pink painted face mask. There, he joins the band on stage, and triumphantly reaches out to the crowd. 

The video alludes to the inspiration for the song, which is about "a gay kid talking to his dad," according to the band's frontman Win Butler, who discussed it with with Time Out last year. At Coachella, Butler used the song to advocate for gay marriage rights: "the right to marry anyone you want is a human rights issue."

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