Check Out the First Trailer for Fox's Gotham City Detective Series

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Fox debuted the first teaser for its Batman detective series Gotham tonight, starring Ben McKenzie as a young Jim Gordon. It was announced earlier today that the show got a series order.

There’s quite a bit of Batman lore packed in here, and it’s presented very explicitly. This makes sense for a network trying to sell a Batman series sans Batman—they want to make sure you know that it’s got all the other things you might expect from a Gotham-set series.

Along with McKenzie’s not-yet-Commissioner Jim Gordon, the series has Donal Logue as fedora-wearing GCPD mainstay Harvey Bullock, 13-year-old David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, and pre-villainy versions of The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, and Poison Ivy. Along with those DC mainstays, Jada Pinkett Smith appears as a gangster named Fish Mooney—an A+ gangster name—and Richard Kind seems perfectly cast as the city’s sleazy mayor, Aubrey James.

Finally, though there’s no footage of it, the Gotham logo hints at what is possibly the best and stupidest aspect of the Gotham City Police Department. Can you spot it?

Zoom in. Enhance.

Yes, Gotham City’s ridiculous police blimps, which, as far as my research indicates, first showed up in the impeccable Batman: The Animated Series, are back.

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