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The Miami Heat joined elite company last night becoming just the fourth-ever team in NBA history to make the Finals four straight years. Vegas oddsmakers are yawning. 

The drama was exceptionally low last night as the Heat advanced past the Indiana Pacer in massacre-style form, leading by as many as 37 points before coasting to a 117-92 victory. In post-game interviews, LeBron James capped the anticlimactic clinching game with this post-game chestnut: "I'm blessed. Very blessed. Very humbled." 

Despite the hype that the Indiana Pacers might mount a serious challenge to the Heat hegemony, that...didn't happen. In fact, despite some scintillating playoff basketball, including a remarkable first round, there were no surprises by the time the conference finals rolled around, pairing an Oklahoma City Thunder-San Antonio Spurs match-up with the Heat-Pacers. Picking those four teams to survive would be considered an "all-chalk" call. 

Not only did these favorites control the top spots one month into the season, they steadily increased their share of the championship odds each month, leaving the rest of the field with only a 26.2 percent chance of winning the championship by the time of the playoffs.

Now that the Heat have killed all the suspense in the Eastern Conference, they await the winner of the Western Conference Finals, the Spurs (whom the Heat beat in last year's NBA Finals) and the Thunder (whom the Heat beat back in 2012). 

In related basketball-unsurprising news, former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been voted "Most Hated Man in America."

Following are the top ten most disliked men in the U.S., followed by the percentage of respondents who indicated a dislike of the particular person:

Donald Sterling, 92%
Bernard Madoff, 90%
O.J. Simpson, 88%
Conrad Murray, 88%
Justin Bieber, 86%
Phil Spector, 83%
Aaron Hernandez, 81%
Michael Lohan, 76%
Eliot Spitzer, 73%
Jon Gosselin, 71%

 No Donald Trump. I suppose there are still some surprises left.

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