Are Chris Evans and Sandra Bullock 'Special Friendly Friends'?

Today in celebrity gossip: A new A-list celebrity romance has begun to blossom, Quentin Tarantino may be romancing Uma Thurman, and Nicki Minaj will appear at your party for a reasonable fee.

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Today in celebrity gossip: A new A-list celebrity romance has begun to blossom, Quentin Tarantino may be romancing Uma Thurman, and Nicki Minaj will appear at your party for a reasonable fee.

Let's just get something straight upfront and right off the bat: Chris Evans is 32 and Sandra Bullock is 49, and if that age discrepancy bothers you, then please do a cartwheel directly into a tar pit. Sorry to get very aggressive very quickly, but there should be more May-December romances with lady Decembers, if only to bring a modicum of parity with the alternative. I'm glad we could agree on this. (Or are you in a tar pit right now? Please say you're not in a tar pit! Oh man, I should have thought twice before making that ultimatum.) So listen: According to garden variety rumor and hearsay, America's Captain Chris Evans has been spending some quality "gettin' to know ya" time with Demolition Man's Sandra Bullock. Just how serious is this burgeoning romance, you've just wondered aloud to the old woman sleeping beside you on the bus? Not very, it turns out! According to E!'s source, "They are not in a relationship, but they are definitely hanging out. . . They haven't put a title on it, but they really like each other." CONFIRMED: They are dating. See, rumors began to spread that the two were a thing last month when Evans was spotted dining with Bullock and Chelsea Handler in West Hollywood, and everyone knew there was no way he'd be putting up with Handler's raspy schtick without the prospect of at least a trip to first base afterward, you know? (I don't.) What makes this whole story sort of sweet, however, was that Evans once told Playboy that "I used to be in love with Sandra Bullock when I was growing up. Sandy B. was my girl. . . I remember seeing Speed when I was in seventh grade and just thinking, 'That's her.'" If you just got chills because Katie Holmes once told a similar story about Tom Cruise, you're not alone. But let's hope this romance doesn't end up seeming like a waking nightmare for one of the parties? I feel pretty good about it, to be honest. (Aside to Sandra Bullock: You did it!) (Aside to Chris Evans: You did it!) [E! Online]

We are NOT finished talking about love, sorry haters. Did you have any idea that over the years Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman have occasionally emigrated into and out of the friend zone? I mean, everyone knew about their famously productive working relationship, but, uh, Uma Thurman was married to Ethan Hawke, for crying out loud. (I'm not actually crying out loud right now, who would do that about something so minor? Mental problems, guys.) Apparently those rumors date back to their work together during Kill Bill, but now they're back in full effect following Thurman's split from fiancé (and babydaddy) Arki Busson. Us Weekly's source describes the possible Tarantino romance this way: "They had a thing and got together again recently." Okay! I guess it's worth mentioning that one time a while back USA Today asked Tarantino about his relationship with Thurman and he responded that "We love each other, but we’re almost too close now to be a couple." Too close to be a couple! Ugh, some people have all the luck. Anyway, yeah. This seems like another good matchup. What kind of monster could possibly complain? Don't answer that. [Page Six]

Would you like Nicki Minaj to come to your birthday party? Do you have $50,000 to spend and are you the 14-year-old daughter of professional face puncher Floyd Mayweather, Jr.? If so, then Nicki Minaj might just come to your birthday party! Guys, this is not a hypothetical, Nicki Minaj really did attend this girl's birthday party for a paycheck. Seemed like an okay party; Mayweather, Jr. rented out the entire ballroom of the MGM Grand in Vegas. There was probably food, drinks, probably some Any'Tizers and whatnot. So what do you get from Nicki Minaj for $50,000? "We're told Nicki stayed for about an hour -- hanging out with [Mayweather's daughter], taking pics ... annnd that's pretty much it." Start saving your money now, everybody. You too could someday pay Nicki Minaj $50,000 for a selfie. [TMZ]

Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet is having a hot, sloppy MEGA-BEEF with KISS' Gene Simmons right now. According to a strongly worded Instagram text (?), Stonestreet recounted how Simmons had recently strong-armed his mother from her seat on a recent plane ride:

This obviously shocked the world because Gene Simmons is a notoriously polite and humble and non-sleazy person. But in the interest of equal time, here's how Simmons responded to these allegations on Twitter:

That was followed by myriad all-caps denials as well as RT's from fans who claimed to have been on the flight and witnessed nothing untoward. At that point Stonestreet responded with:

Simmons then retweeted this obviously sarcastic remark numerous times as definitive evidence that he was in the right. Aaaand that's about it. World War 3 averted. [TMZ]

Busy Philipps recently said some very normal things about being a working mom:

Being a working mom, I've got it made. I'm on a TV show where my hiatus is [my kids'] summer, so I'm free to be with them in the summer time. I'm able to afford full-time help because of what I do. . . My nanny makes my life doable and so easy.

Pretty reasonable thing to say, right? But this is actually some very subtle shade-throwing, since it was in response to Gwyneth Paltrow's notorious slip-up in which she outright stated that working actresses have harder lives than regular working moms. So yeah. Busy Philipps does not want to be associated with Gwyneth Paltrow's ideas about motherhood. And as though you needed further confirmation that Philipps doesn't care for Gwyneth Paltrow's world views, here's what she had this to say about Paltrow herself: "God bless her, she really just says what she feels." Haha. Say no more, Busy Philipps. [E! Online]

Okay, let's kick off the weekend with a Celebrity Instagram Lightning Round! Just WHAT are all of the celebrities UP TO lately? Here's what:

Miley Cyrus went to Norway and got trolled:

Mariah Carey took the subway:

Selena Gomez is finding herself:

Katy Perry got involved in some fisting:

Teen Wolf's Mason Dye went to the beach with his sister:

The Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen got kicked out of the Sistine Chapel:

And Harry Styles gently held tiny puppy:

Now you know what the celebrities have been up to lately! Please have an exhaustingly peaceful weekend.

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