Alec Baldwin Arrested for Riding His Bike the Wrong Way

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via In Touch

New York police arrested retired famous person Alec Baldwin on Tuesday after the actor was caught riding his bike in the wrong direction in Manhattan, and he blew up at the arresting officers. 

In Touch Weekly broke the story: New York Police Department officers stopped Baldwin, 56, while he was riding the wrong way down Fifth Avenue Tuesday, and he didn't have ID. The New York Post quickly confirmed Balwin's arrest. (Which is, frankly, ironic — maybe if Baldwin hadn't loudly quit public life and surrendered his celebrity status, the cops would've let him off the hook. Isn't that how it goes for celebs?) The charges against Baldwin are unclear right now. It's also not known if he still in police custody. 

But In Touch was given two conflicting accounts: one witness said Baldwin was "calm and quiet" while he was arrested, but another said he "went ballistic on the cops, screaming at them" earlier. So, which was it? Did Baldwin's famously hot temper land him in trouble again? Apparently so. ABC News' Aaron Katersky reports two summonses were issued for Baldwin "after police say he became belligerent." 

In Touch had the pictures, too. A bystander snapped photos showing Baldwin clad in stylish exercise gear, probably picked out by his yoga instructor wife, speaking with police officers, arms securely in handcuffs and entering a police car. Unfortunately, Baldwin was also wearing an embarrassing visor during his arrest. 

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Update, 12:35 p.m. Alec Baldwin is now commenting on his arrest over Twitter: 

He's three tweets into a rant about New York City. Stay tuned! 

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