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Kevin Spacey will voice the main character in the newest Call of Duty video game, which comes out November 4th. And judging from the trailer just released, he'll basically be channeling Frank Underwood.

Take away the Southern drawl Spacey uses to play the menacing political puppeteer in House of Cards, and there's not much difference between Underwood and his Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare character. Here, for example, are some of his lines in this trailer

  • "Democracy is not what these people need. Hell, it's not even what they want."
  • "You think that you can just march into these countries based on some fundamentalist religious principles, drop a few bombs, topple a dictator, and start a democracy?! [long pause.] Hah. Gimme a break."
  • "People don't want freedom. They want boundaries, rules. Protection, from invaders and from themselves."
  • "People need a leader who can give them both the support and the constraints to keep chaos at bay. You give them that, and they'll follow. And that's where I come in."
  • And then there's this short Instagram video, in which he stares into the camera with some more menace. "Ideas don't determine who's right. Power determines who's right," he says. "And I have the power, so I'm right."

Spacey and his video game-ified face play the antagonist in the game, the leader of a rogue military corporation. Here's the whole trailer, with explosions galore.

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