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Remember the scene in Garden State wherein Natalie Portman tells Zach Braff to listen to The Shins' "New Slang" because the song will change his life? Of course you do. Well, Braff still clearly believes in The Shins' powers because the trailer for his latest, Kickstarted effort Wish I Was Here is scored with the band's "Simple Song." 

The trailer has other parallels to Garden State. If you'll recall, Garden State had that schtick about "completely original moments."  The first line spoken in the Wish I was Here trailer is Braff telling his daughter she can pick any wig she wants "as long as it's unique and amazing" like she is. They stand against a wall of wigs, almost blending in. Sorta reminds one of this: 

If you need even more evidence, the trailer ends on a shot of three silhouettes standing on a precipice: 

Look familiar? 

But really, what were we expecting? The Hollywood Reporter's review out of Sundance called the movie "a Garden State for grown-ups." So gear up for more indie music and life affirmation. 

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