Whit Stillman Just Found Out About Cosmopolitan Magazine

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Either that, or he's using his trademark dry wit to be a dick about it! The writer/director of satirical '90s comedies Metropolitan and The Last Days of Disco tweeted some abuse at the "disgusting girl-porn magazine" that has forced him to change the name of his new TV show, which Amazon is looking to order to pilot.

Apparently Stillman struggles to come up with titles that don't end in "-opolitan." I don't know that "The Cosmopolitans" is that drastic a title switch, but apparently it's traumatic enough to set Stillman on the warpath against the Hearst-owned magazine, which has existed since 1886 (it became a female-focused publication in 1965).

Amazon hasn't officially picked the pilot up yet, so word to the wise, Mr. Stillman: maybe don't call them cowards before you're ordered to series. Also, thank your lucky stars the city of Barcelona didn't sue you back in 1994

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