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In the Los Angeles Clippers' playoff loss to their in-state rivals earlier today, star power forward Blake Griffin may or may not have gotten revenge on a rowdy opposing fan in the front row by tossing a cup of water over his head.

Pretending (possibly) to react to a replay of a foul called against him early in the fourth quarter of the game, Griffin was suspiciously close to the only Golden State Warriors fan nearby when...well... watch and enjoy:

Here's some expert analysis:

The fan was wearing a Warriors t-shirt and had been making a lot of noise all game, so the water dumping may not have been an accident. You can also see Griffin throw the empty cup at the guy’s feet after the dousing.

While the fan claims Griffin didn't dew do it on purpose, his game-suffering buddy and fellow Warriors fan, said it was definitely on act of watertage

From his myriad advertisements, it's easy to see that acting does not come naturally to Griffin, an all-star, dunk champion, and former No. 1 pick. Griffin has also gained notoriety for dramatically flopping in games to draw fouls. 

Here's one shining example:

The Warriors' upset of the Clippers began what should make for a great series between the two California teams. For more on the start of the NBA playoffs, check out our handy-dandy guide here.

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