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There's fictional good news and actual good news in the world of HBO's Silicon ValleyJust as the show was renewed for a second season, the fake startup at the center of the show, Pied Piper, got a real-life website promoting the young company.

The site is a mix of tech-speak and inside jokes from the show. Take this line from its About section, for example:

"Pied Piper is a multi-platform technology based on a proprietary universal compression algorithm that has consistently fielded high Weisman Scores™ that are not merely competitive, but approach the theoretical limit of lossless compression."

If that sounds like a mix of tech gobbledygook and confusing buzzwords, congrats! You now understand the purpose of director Mike Judge's show. Like with Office Space, it covers the world of Silicon Valley from the little guy's perspective, with everyday indignities at the forefront. 

"Pied Piper is not associated with Pied Piper Irrigation," the site reads, a major plot point on the third episode of the show. "It might be associated with HBO’s Silicon Valley series (find out). Watch it Sundays at 10PM." 

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