Piper Is a 'Lone Wolf' in the Season 2 'Orange Is the New Black' Trailer

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Piper, the yuppie whose fish-out-of-water-and-into-jail antics kicked off Orange Is the New Black, is back in a trailer for the show's second season and she is, well... different. "I am a lone wolf, and a vicious one, don't make me rip your throat out," she says. 

The trailer for the show, which will returns to Netflix on June 6, begins with Piper in solitary, likely following the events of the first season finale in which she attacked religious fanatic Pennsatucky. But, of course, the brilliant part of this show is that it's not all about Piper. We're also introduced to a new inmate, Vee, who is a seemingly unfriendly blast from Red's past. Plus, more Crazy Eyes, Taystee, and flashbacks. There's even a brief look at Alex played by Laura Prepon, whose level of involvement in the show is still something of a mystery

Anyway, we know what will consume roughly 13 hours of our time this summer.

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