Paul Simon and Edie Brickell Were Arrested For... Something

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Paul Simon and his wife, singer Edie Brickell, were both arrested over the weekend, after a dispute at their home drew police attention. Originally there was some confusion over the crime: initial reports said the couple were arrested for domestic violence  charges, though the issue has since been clarified. Simon and Bickell were charges with disorderly conduct, though it's possible that the two are the same thing. The two were arrested in New Canaan, Connecticut, but there are few to no further details available on what, exactly, happened. NBC Connecticut reports police responded to a "family dispute" around 8:20 p.m. Saturday evening and found probably cause to arrest the couple, who were eventually released on the condition they appear at an arraignment hearing Monday. 

During a brief press conference Monday, New Canaan Chief of Police Leon Krolikowski painted a complicated picture. "There was aggressiveness on both sides," he told reporters. Officers responded to the Simon/Brickell house after a 9/11 hang-up call, but both sides cooperated after police arrived. "Before we left the scene we made assurances both were safe," Krolikowski said. "One of the parties agreed to leave and did leave." 

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"Frankly, they're both victims," he said.

NBC New York was the first to report the arrest stating that Simon had been arrested for domestic violence, then almost immediately issued a correction to say that he and Brickell were arrested for disorderly conduct. The Hartford Courant has since updated their story clarifying the couple were arrested for disorderly conduct. 

According to the Courant, an unspecified incident over the weekend triggered the arrests. More details are expected soon. Simon, 72, married Brickell, 47, in 1992. The pair live in New Caanan, Connecticut. Simon's music company declined comment to NBC on the incident.

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