Let's Count All of the Donald Glovers in the New Childish Gambino Video for 'Sweatpants'

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The latest music video from Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover is out today, and along with spurring a row with his label, it features multiple Donald Glovers. If only there was one to spare for Community, ya know?

The new video for "Sweatpants ft. Problem" has a Being John Malkovich vibe, as everyone slowly turns into Glover himself. Sure, there's Glover the writer, Glover the rapper, and Glover the TV/movie star, but this many Glovers seems a bit much. Is this the next chapter in Glover's identity crisis? Is he trying to say something here? Probably, but who knows what?

To help you keep track, we've decided to count all the different Glovers. Try not to mix them up, they take offense. 

The first time around has just the Original Glover.  

Glassnote Entertainment Group

Round two has a new friend at the table:

And this guy, chillin':

 Seeing three of me would probably make me puke too:

Is Glover necking with himself? Is this some sort of commentary on the narcissism of music videos?

Third time around. Let them eat in peace, O.G. Donald. 

Now he's the waitress, too:

More dinner friends:

Another waitress:

Our loner friend pops up again, along with this crew:

OK, this is just excessive.

If you were the twenty-third Glover, you wouldn't be smiling either.

Just shy of two dozen Donald Glovers in one music video. Phew. With this many to go around, you'd think he'd have time to rap and act. 

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