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Jon Stewart's love of Sean Hannity is well documented. The two have a long, storied past together, but sometimes Hannity simply goes too far. Like this week, when he did a segment attacking Stewart's "obsession" with him. So you can imagine the field day The Daily Show had with that. 

"There is not much that I truly love in this world: my family, my country, my priceless collection of antique ceramic cats ... but above, all my heart belongs to my beloved," Stewart began the show, meaning, of course, Sean Hannity.

But how does Stewart respond when Hannity calls him a "comedic hack" and one of the "chief apologists for the Obama administration"? 

"Oh my god, wait, wait, wait, just wait – Sean Hannity knows my name!" Stewart said, and then proceeded to, well, rub his nipples in ecstasy.

After all of that though, Stewart really laid into Hannity. 

"Yes, I am obsessed with your program," Stewart said."You can say true things. I am obsessed with your program in the same way that I am obsessed with antibiotic-resistant superbugs or the Pacific garbage patch or the KFC Double Down, because I just can't believe in this day and age, with all that we know, this shit is out there."

He went on: "To see [your show] night after night, serving the same shit, my god, you're the Arby's of news. How can I not be obsessed with the Arby's of news?"

And then Stewart went into the paradox of Hannity's ideological principles, and it was not pretty. 

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