Jon Stewart Explains How Racism Is Alive and Well in America

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What a week for racism. Between Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling, America's racists have been out in full force the past few days. So naturally, The Daily Show spent last night's episode tearing them all down.

First, Jon Stewart declared: "Racism is over!" Well, at least according to the U.S. Supreme Court it is, which upheld a state ban on affirmative action in public schools last week. And that comes a year after the Court struck down a key part of the Voting Rights Act. Because, you see, racism is over. As Chief Justice John Roberts said, "Things have changed dramatically."

Which means it's a week-after-Easter miracle that Bundy and Sterling were so blatantly racist last week – "Racism has arisen," Stewart quipped.

We know all about Bundy, but what about Sterling? Who is this guy? Stewart explained: "He's a billionaire who's gotten rich off the labors of a mostly black basketball team, telling his mixed-race girlfriend not to be seen with black people. It's that age-old story, 'Yea, I'm racist, but my dick and my wallet are not.'"

Sterling doesn't care if his girlfriend (er, mistress?) sleeps with black people, he just doesn't want her to be seen with them in public or on Instagram. "What's he basically saying is 'I don't see color when it comes to who you are fucking, I only see it when it comes to who you are sitting with,'" Stewart said.

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Thank god, then, that Sterling won't be receiving a second NAACP lifetime achievement award in May. "Because of your unrepentant racism, you only get one NAACP lifetime achievement award," Stewart said. Justice served.

Here, let Daily Show Senior Black Correspondent Larry Wilmore explain Sterling's comments that he supports his African American players by giving them food and clothing: "That's the kind of thing you boast about from the porch of your plantation right before Django shoots you." And about Sterling's mix-raced mistress? "He's more of a sugar bigot."

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