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You may have heard a little something about Cliven Bundy spewing racist nonsense yesterday. Well, so did Jon Stewart – which means last night's episode of The Daily Show was good. Real good. 

"On our program, we've had a little bit of fun with the story of a fella named Cliven Bundy. He's what you call a grazing fee denier who sparked an armed standoff with the federal government in an effort to keep his cows on welfare," Stewart explained.

You can imagine, then, that conservatives loved the guy, standing up against "big government." So how did that turn out for everybody?

"In all the many interviews Mr. Bundy has done with these conservative media outlets, there was one thing he forgot to mention ... In a surprising twist, states' rights sovereign citizen Cliven Bundy is apparently also a professor of Negro Studies. I should have mentioned he's a professor at Duke University – David Duke University," Stewart said.

Bundy wonders whether African Americans were "better off as slaves."

Stewart went off: "The answer is no ... they're better off now than they were as slaves. Because anybody would be better off than as a slave. What the –"

Stewart suggests that maybe now the media could stop showing the clip of Bundy comparing himself to the founding fathers. "The bit of you that's like our founding fathers is the bit of them that we're ashamed of," Stewart said.

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