Jon Stewart Crushes the Sexist Media Conversation on the Clinton Baby

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We were all waiting for it, and last night we finally got it: The Daily Show covered the Clinton baby. Jon Stewart tore apart the media conversation surrounding the story, emphasizing just how ridiculous it is to be asking whether a grandchild impacts Hillary's 2016 campaign. 

The hubbub after Chelsea Clinton's announcement came swiftly: "Darrell Issa has already subpoenaed the baby to testify about Benghazi," Stewart quipped. And as always, the media wasted no time working up every possible 2016 implication of this pregnancy: "News media set the 2016 speculatron to baby." There were even puns about "bumps" in Hillary's road to the White House. Yes, it truly is the worst the media has to offer.

It's also, you know, extremely sexist. "No silly Billy, of course it's not sexist," Stewart said. "Even though it's a question that has never ever been posed to a male candidate."

Never? Stewart explains: "For god's sake, Mitt Romney has a litter of grandchildren. If I'm not mistaken, Mitt Romney has like a grandchild petting zoo, the guy added three grandchildren while he was campaigning, he is the only candidate in history whose electoral college total is less than the number of chairs he has to put out at Thanksgiving."

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Come on, that must've come up during the 2012 election. "Yet somehow the grandchild factor never came up in the race between Obama and Romney," Stewart explained.

"It's as though men and women are treated differently," Stewart said, pointing out the obvious.

While Romney can have a "grandchild petting zoo" and mum's the word, Clinton is bombarded with questions over whether being a grandmother hurts her presidential chances. The double standard continues. And let's not even get into that time the former CIA chief dismissed Senator Dianne Feinstein for being "emotional."  

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