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Maybe someone at HBO is just really fond of Instagram's "Throwback Thursdays" (#TBT). Nostalgia sells, after all. Whatever the reason, HBO appears to be taking the current obsession with throwbacks to heart as they have revealed plans to revive short-lived but beloved mid-2000s series Project Greenlight and The Comeback.

On Monday E!'s Kristin Dos Santos reported that HBO is going to give Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback six more episodes, with Kudrow and co-creator Michael Patrick King on board. There had been whispers of the show's return back in March. But that's not all.  Today, the network announced that it is breathing life back into Project Greenlight the documentary series from the early 2000s that chronicled found indie filmmakers and followed them through the production of a film. Executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck—you may have heard of them—are coming back. Chris Moore, one of the series' original producers, is not on board, and as Margaret Lyons pointed out Vulture is working on a similar sounding series for Starz. 

So what's next, HBO? Bored to DeathJohn from Cincinnati? We're sure many people would welcome some more Enlightened. #TBT

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