Drake to Host the 2014 ESPYs, Eventually (Maybe) Become a Late Night Host Too

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Drake broke the news Wednesday that, to go along with his many other talents, he'll show off his "award show host" chops this summer when he hosts the 2014 ESPY ceremony. There are trophies for that. 

The Toronto-native and Raptors' global ambassador made the announcement over Twitter, with a golf-themed spoof of his last album cover: 

Drake is no stranger to the sports world — you heard "Draft Day," right? — so it makes some sense for ESPN to name him the host. (His attempts to hang out with athletes are not always successful, though) Most recently Drake was seen sneaking into the Kentucky locker room to congratulate the team for making the NCAA national title game. (Maybe he's cursed? Uh oh.) 

The ESPYs are an overly-extravagant ode to the year's best sports moments. It seems fitting to have someone who once rapped "I blew 6 million on my self and I feel amazing," as the host, and Drake has proven a serviceable host when given an opportunity before. He's more than just a rapper, or just a singer. Regardless of your feelings about him, Drake can be charismatic and funny, and he'll serve as a decent replacement for Jon Hamm, who was always a somewhat curious host. Maybe he'll parley this into replacing Letterman. There is some precedent, at least.

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