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At last night's Toronto Raptors NBA playoff game, cameras spotted Drake at his court-side seats using a lint-roller to groom his pants. That's hardly the first nor will it be the last time Drake has embarrassed himself at a basketball game. Below we present the consistently awkward history of Drake's basketball fandom.

In last night's game, Drake exposed his own fanciness by getting that darn fuzz off of his black pants with a lint-roller.

Why did he have a lint-roller on hand? Can you really accumulate that much lint court-side at a basketball game? We don't know, but certainly that lint-rolling fits with Drake's reputation as a soft, sensitive type, best expressed in the endless "Drake the type" jokes. For his part, Drake has pushed back against that reputation. "I'm so sick of people saying that I'm like lonely and emotional," he said last October to CBC. "I do make music that makes you feel something, but I'm actually not that guy in real life, I'm happy," he added. Unlike the super-macho rap of his friend Lil Wayne, for example, Drake goes for the everyman emotions in his music.

And just like the everyman, he can't avoid doing something embarrassing on a basketball court. The lint-rolling is just one of a number of times when Drizzy haters have brought arms against the star, often for silly reasons. Here's a rundown of those examples.

He's BFFs with every player

As a star in the entertainment world, Drake has tried to use that access to make close relationships with star basketball players. Some would say, too close.

Not that there's anything wrong with being happy to meet your favorite players. We'd be a fawning fan too if we got the chance to hang out with NBA royalty like LeBron and Kobe.

Rejected from a post-championship Miami Heat locker room

After the Miami Heat won their second straight title last June, Drake wanted to get into the locker room to celebrate. Security, though, was only letting in media at the time.

"Drake denied access to Heat locker room," the video headline reads as a semi-diss. But that rejection just as easily could have been to any star, as post-game access was only granted to members of the media. And Drake got to hang out with LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and the rest of the Heat after the game anyway at a Miami club.

Sad at the Kentucky-UConn championship game

UConn's win over Kentucky in the NCAA championship game hit Drake, a Kentucky fan, really hard. With the clock winding down and Kentucky's loss inevitable, cameras caught him sadly watching the end.

And to add insult to injury, the Twitter account of UConn's basketball team joined the anti-Drake stomping.

That's a low blow from an official sports account, but it's par for the course as far as anti-Drake hate goes. But cut the guy some slack; he just watched one of his Wildcats lose a major game. Don't worry, Drake, it's alright to be disappointed.

Drake feels left out at the 2014 NBA All-Star game

At this year's All-Star game, Drake got the chance to sit next to his supposed buddy Kevin Hart. Of course, Hart was more interested in keeping his attention elsewhere.

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

You can read on his face how left out Drake must have felt. And in case Hart didn't get his point across, he took to Instagram to make fun of Drake's choice of shoes, saying "#ThisIsaMajorFail." It was all in good fun, though, as the two are good enough friends that they have gone paint-balling together. Ever the performer, the teasing seems more like Hart playing to what the audience likes.

Drake on Degrassi

Along with the already embarrassing fact that the then-Aubrey Graham was on a teen drama like Degrassi, here is a GIF of the future rapper showing off his "basketball skills."

via Complex

Ok, there's just no defending this.

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