Deuces Are Wild: 'Captain America 2' and 'Rio 2' Come Out on Top

Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Captain America kept ahold of the top spot, despite a strong debut showing from Rio 2.

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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Captain America kept ahold of the top spot, despite a strong debut showing from Rio 2.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Buena Vista): $41.3 million in 3,938 theaters.

After shattering the record for an April opening last week, Captain America had a sophomore slump as three new movies opened and stole some of its thunder. The Disney/Marvel dropped over 50% from its $96 million start, but retained enough super soldier serum to edge out Rio 2. The combination of Chris Evans and ScarJo combo has made for oversea gold. Exactly two-thirds of the film's take have come from foreign countries, placing the action flick just shy of the $500 million mark.

2. Rio 2 (Fox): $39 million in 3,948 theaters.

From Friday's report, it looked like Rio 2, which includes the voices of basically everyone in Hollywood, might wrest the top spot at the box office away from Captain America. But Fareed Zakaria is wrong, we are not in a post-America world just yet. Like a digital metronome, Rio's second installment has kept pace with the first. Both animated flicks opened to the tune of roughly $39 million in their debut weekends.

3. Oculus (Relativity): $12 million in 2,648 theaters.

This lovely little horror-supernatural flick took third this weekend in its debut, more than doubling its production budget of $5 million in one fell swoop. Not bad for a movie about a mirror boasting no big names. Some early positive reviews helped boost Oculus to the third spot.

4. Draft Day (Lionsgate): $9.7 million in 2,781 theaters.

Marred by mixed reviews and a general national coldness about the third phase of Kevin Costner's career, the NFL-themed Ivan Reitman-directed Draft Day fumbled its debut, falling beneath the expectations of grossing in the low teens for its opening weekend. Let this be a lesson to all: If you're going to make a movie about the Cleveland Browns, don't make a movie about the Cleveland Browns.

5. Divergent (Lionsgate): $7.5 million in 3,110 theaters.

Divergent fell back to earth in its third weekend out. After two strong showings, especially given the knock against Young Adult properties these days, the Shailene Woodley-led work rounded out the Top 5 this week somewhat meekly. But fear not fans of Tris, Divergent has pulled in about $175 million in just a few weeks with domestic and international ticket sales in mind, leaving the $85 million production budget in the dust. Not bad for a two-and-a-half-hour-long movie aimed at an ADD-ridden generation.

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