'Captain America' Owns April

Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Captain America is doing just fine, thank you, and the Christian movie audience is buying plenty of tickets. 

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Welcome to the Box Office Report, where Captain America is doing just fine, thank you, and the Christian movie audience is buying plenty of tickets.

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Buena Vista): $96.2 million in 3,938 theaters

The Disney/Marvel movie was the only big opening this weekend and made the most of it, setting the record for biggest April opening ever and vastly improving on the first Captain America's $65 million open in June 2011. It's also made over $300 million globally so far, putting it on track to eclipse the first movie's total $370 million global take. Just a few weeks ago, Captain America was tracking at $80 million, but an A Cinemascore rating and great reviews helped bump it up. Chris Evans' runner-up best butt probably didn't hurt, either.

2. Noah (Paramount): $17 million in 3,571 theaters

The ark sank by 61 percent from last week's opening, despite adding four theaters. The too Bible-y or not Bible-y enough tale has $72.3 million domestically in two weeks on an estimated budget of $125 million. The fact that there's nothing much on the way in the next few weeks to challenge it should keep Noah's take fairly healthy and might even make it Darren Aronofsky's best-grossing picture ever -- though that might not be enough to make it a revenue winner for Paramount.

3. Divergent (Lionsgate): $13 million in 3,631 theaters

The YA movie dropped 49 percent but is still, in its third week, holding strong with a $114 million domestic gross so far.

4. God’s Not Dead (Freestyle): $7.7 million in 1,758 theaters

The other faith-based movie in the top five continued its surprising climb, adding 580 theaters and $7.7 million to its $32.5 million domestic gross and jumping up one spot to number four, despite scathing reviews. Perhaps it's the combined star power of Kevin Sorbo and those people from Duck Dynasty that's keeping this thing going?

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Fox Searchlight): $6.3 million in 1,263 theaters

Wes Anderson's latest cracked the top five for the first time in its fourth week of wide release as it added another 286 theaters. So far, it's earned $33.4 million in the domestic box office, making it Anderson's third-best-grossing film of his career before its run is even finished.

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