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In 2013, Cameron Diaz had sex with a car; in 2014, she'll have sex with Jamie Lannister and star in a sex tape with Jason Segel. Oh, and she'll also play Miss Hannigan opposite a group of singing orphans. 2014 is the Year of Cameron Diaz. 

Last night, Sony released a red-band trailer for Sex Tape, one of three big, but probably mediocre releases Diaz has out this year. In Sex Tape, Diaz and Segel star as a couple who tries to reinvigorate their sex lives by making a sex tape. That "tape"—really it's an iPad video—gets uploaded to the cloud and hence all the iPads the two gave out as presents. Yes, this is a movie about the cloud. Yes, there's good chance Jason Segel will show a lot of himself once again. 

Sex Tape comes out in July, making it the second Cameron Diaz release of the year. The first Cameron Diaz movie to hit theaters will be The Other Woman, a movie that is using emoji heavily in its marketing. Seriously, The Other Woman—which is about Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton (yes) taking revenge against Jamie Lannister—has both an emoji poster and an entire trailer that is essentially subtitled in emoji. 

And then, of course, there is Annie, which comes out in December, in which Diaz plays legendary villain Miss Hannigan. Her take on the character is ... actually, just watch.  

Diaz, who began the year by discussing poop in order to promote her Body Book, has been in a lot of middling movies with ostensible wide appeal. Last year's controversial The Counselor being the recent ambitious exception on her resume. None of Cameron's 2014 projects appear to be game-changing for her, they just seem to be plentiful in nature. 

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