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Brandchannel gave The Secret Life of Walter Mitty an award for the worst product placement of 2013, and they were right. 

As we noted back when the film came out in December, the product placement in Walter Mitty is downright horrendous, especially the love showered upon Papa John's, which somehow conveniently shows up in Iceland. 

Last week, Brandchannel handed out their annual Brandcameo Product Placement Awards, and while Pain and Gain won the prize for "achievement in product placement in a single film," Mitty got "worst," specifically for its use of Papa John's. 

"Already infected with a disturbing depth of brand promotion, including Cinnabon, Time Inc.'s Life magazine and eHarmony prominently featured in the plot, Walter Mitty iced the cake—or sauced the pizza—with its middle-of-nowhere Icelandic Papa John's location," Abe Sauer writes, pointing out that Walter could not have worked at a Papa John's as a teen, unless Walter is 19 years younger than Ben Stiller, or, we guess, the film takes place in the future. 

Let this horrible use of product placement go down in history. 

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