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What exactly is the OWN network's "docu-series" about Lindsay Lohan based on the new trailer? Is it a reality show trainwreck thinly disguised as art? Is it a serious look into the life of our most troubled star? Is it a filmed self-help session with Oprah? Is it a little bit of each? 

The series premieres March 9, and the trailer features a number of the tropes we've come to expect from Lindsay: The paparazzi attention, her manipulative family, her unreliability, her tears. But then attention turns to Oprah, who explains that she believed in Lindsay when everyone told her Lindsay would act this way. The trailer ends with Oprah telling Lindsay to "cut the bullshit," before a voiceover from Lindsay saying, "I know this is my last shot at doing what I love to do." 

Back in August, Oprah's interview with Lindsay turned into a meditation on Oprah's concern over an impending trip Lindsay was going to take to Europe. The interview ended on the note that Lindsay had canceled that trip, as if to imply Oprah was doing her good. That seemed at the time like a false victory for Oprah. It will be interesting to see whether the documentary is an unflinching look at Lindsay's life, or will once again end with a note of hope that may not actually be any hope at all. 

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