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Here is a trailer for Frank, in which beautiful man Michael Fassbender wears a giant papier-mâché head for the entire movie to play the titular character. Yes, it sounds weird, but it also looks like good fun. 

In the trailer, we're introduced to Fassbender's Frank, the musical genius who wears that head, by the adorable Domhnall Gleeson of About Time. Maggie Gyllenhaal's also there as a sharp-tongued band member who instructs Frank: "Stop saying your facial expressions out loud, it's extremely annoying." 

In writing up the movie at Sundance, Vulture's Kyle Buchanan noted that the reviews were mixed, but added: "I found it kinda wonderful, especially loving the comic lines that the film seems to toss out like a boomerang that arcs back and hits you in an unexpected way.

It's certainly interesting to see the usually intense Fassbender act, well, silly in the trailer, even if you can't see his face. 

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