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Lena Dunham directed a music video for her boyfriend Jack Antonoff's band, which serves as a reminder that Lena Dunham should be directing more than just Girls

The video for Bleachers' song "I Wanna Get Better" (via the Huffington Post) imagines Antonoff as a therapist listening to a variety of clients lip syncing the words of the song. The clients include Parks and Recreation's Retta (seriously, Retta needs to be in everything) and Mary Kay Place. Place's inclusion certainly indicates that Dunham is on a mission to get every member of the cast of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman into her work, after Louise Lasser appeared on Girls this season.

The video is fun—even if the subject matter is a depressing—but it also makes us want more from Dunham. Specifically: something that isn't Girls, which, for what it's worth, was denied permission to film on the University of Iowa's campus. When Dunham broke out with Tiny Furniture it seemed her future was in film, and back in the pre-Girls era she was attached to write and direct an adaptation of the novel Dash and Lily's Book of Dares. We know Dunham's a busy person and Girls must be awfully time consuming, but this makes us hungry to see what she can do when she isn't tethered to Hannah and Marnie. 

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