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The Russian annexation of Crimea can be confusing, so on last night's episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart brought on Senior Russian Correspondent Jessica Williams to explain the reasoning behind Vladimir Putin's latest aggression: he simply doesn't care.  

The situation in Crimea continues to be a mess. Russia's actions have garnered severe condemnation from the West, there have been sanctions from the United States and Russia imposed on one another, Russia continues to take over Crimean military bases, and now Russia has even been kicked out of the G8. But it's important to remember that Putin doesn't give a shit.

Stewart gave a rundown: "Putin has isolated his country, he has risked Russia's fragile economy, all for what is, let's be honest, an unattractively bulbous peninsula." That's all true. But why would Putin do all of that?

"The official world from Moscow is that Putin, and this is what they said, 'Doesn't give a shit,'" Williams said. 

Whatever possible explanation Stewart (or anyone) could come up with to explain Putin's annexation of Crimea are all useless. Because, once again: he doesn't give a shit.

Congressional Republicans are blaming Putin's actions on President Obama's so-called weakness, while Congressional Democrats point the finger at Republicans who won't rally behind the president. But that's nonsense, according to Williams: "That could be the reason if Putin gave a shit. But he doesn't, not for Congress, not about our president, not about the West."

The only thing Putin cares about is "the once great Russian empire." Everything else: (say it with me) he doesn't give a shit. Just look how sad Putin was when the Berlin wall fell:

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Putin takes what he wants when he wants. Really, just try telling him not to and see how that works out. All your international laws, sanctions, and norms don't matter. Because Putin doesn't give a shit. 

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