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Two Hollywood trades today are furthering whispers that Steven Spielberg might just want to remake West Side Story. Boy, boy, crazy, boy. 

Buried within a Hollywood Reporter story, Kim Masters writes: "Another project said to interest Spielberg is an updated West Side Story." Meanwhile, at Deadline today, Mike Fleming Jr. writes: "Fox has unlocked that movie title for a remake specifically because Steven Spielberg is interested in making it." 

Now, before you start hyperventilating and praying to Rita Moreno that this doesn't happen, there are some caveats. For what it's worth, Fleming notes that "Spielberg hasn’t done anything more than register his interest." This is mainly coming up because DreamWorks co-chairman and CEO Stacey Snider is being wooed by Fox, which owns the rights to West Side Story. Spielberg is connected to Snider through DreamWorks, where he is principal partner. At Fox, those singing and dancing gang members would be waiting for him. 

Spielberg is also known to toy with the ideas of a lot of projects. Not so long ago there was a report he was looking into a Grapes of Wrath remake. So maybe Spielberg was just snapping his fingers one day, humming along to "Cool," when he mentioned the idea to someone. 


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