SoulCycle Site Goes Down, Plunges Nation's Affluent Exercise Enthusiasts Into Anarchy

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On Monday, March 17, the air was rank with the smell of aggravation and the anger of Upper East Side citizens. SoulCycle, the aggressive exercise regime to New York's wealthiest pain-seekers, was experiencing problems. SoulCyclers couldn't sign up for their classes (around $35-40 a pop) this morning which, to ardent devotees of SoulCycle, their worlds were crumbling.

"The amount of times I refreshed soul cycle website is absurd," one SoulCycler tweetedAnother added: "I hope the website is up in time for West Coast sign ups! Friends & I need to reserve for my bday ride w/ . =\." Emoticons are obviously a cry for help, and that devoted rider hoped @shapewithangela would answer his call. 

With so many SoulCyclers voicing their displeasure and throwing it into the faceless void of the Internet, news of the bugs and aggravation eventually reached SoulCycle HQ, who said the problem would be fixed at 2:30 p.m. "We truly apologize for any inconvenience this delay may have caused and will work around the clock to fix this," the company wrote, pleading for "Strength. Integrity. Community." 

With that, order was restored.

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SoulCyclers were pleased with this news and once again sent their praise into the ether:


Today's SoulCycle crisis was similar to one in January. Luckily, we survived that one without any casualties (that we know of).

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