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One of the greatest unknowns of True Detective—you know, aside from all the Yellow King stuff—was the fact that the show cast fairly well-known actress Elizabeth Reaser as the girlfriend Rust had leading up to the 2002 timeline, but barely had her speak. Well, a deleted scene fills in some of those holes. 

In the clips, Reaser's character and Rust discuss the possibility of having children—something that Rust swears off. "You miss a shit ton of what's obvious," she tells Rust, asking him how he thought "this would sit with" her. Still, feel free to read into that what you want considering Rust missed Errol in the 1995 timeline. 

As Jesse David Fox at Vulture points out, though, it's also interesting to read this scene in the context of the finale's conclusion and Rust's speech about his dead child.

But! Obviously this scene didn't make the final cut so, sorry, Elizabeth Reaser.

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