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We're watching E! until our brains melt and coming to you with all of the ridiculous moments from the Oscars red carpet. Stay tuned!

Liza Minnelli has blue hair

Liza with a Z is at the awards because the show is honoring her mother Judy Garland's The Wizard of Oz, and she came looking like a resident of Oz, complete with a blue streak in her hair. 

It's also possible to make an Arrested Development joke here, if you are so inclined. 

Pharrell is wearing shorts 

Pharrell ditched his Grammys hat for dress shorts, confirming once and for all that he does not GAF about red carpet norms. Here he is with his wife, Helen Lasichanh.

The shorts are naturally, Lanvin, but they do come with hazards. For instance, at one point during his interview with Seacrest Pharrell thought he felt something on his leg. It was just a dress. 

June Squibb and Jared Leto flirted

Supporting actress and actor nominees June Squibb and Jared Leto's Seacrest interviews bumped up against one another. But there was no awkward banter because these two are good pals.  

Leto has been rumored to be dating Lupita Nyong'o, so that's a little in joke. Still, the New York Times' Dave Itzkoff labeled these two an "it couple." 

Leto seems to be having a lot of fun.

Bette Midler slapped Seacrest

Seacrest implied that it was the Divine Miss M's first time at the Oscars. She fake slapped him, fulfilling all of our dreams. 

Jennifer Lawrence fell...again

Last year Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the way to collect her Best Actress trophy, this year she didn't even make it that far. Lawrence tripped on the red carpet. "I did trip over a cone," she told ABC. "I'm not safe."

Naturally, the Internet found it adorable. 

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