Shailene Woodley Enjoys Shining Sunlight Where the Sun Don't Shine

Today in celebrity gossip: The up-and-coming Divergent star has a beauty tip for sun-starved lady parts, Miley Cyrus' tour bus caught on fire, and George Clooney went back to Africa.

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Today in celebrity gossip: The up-and-coming Divergent star has a beauty tip for sun-starved lady parts, Miley Cyrus' tour bus caught on fire, and George Clooney went back to Africa.

Let's all join hands in a prayer circle to ensure that Shailene Woodley's publicity rounds for Divergent never end. Like soul sister Jennifer Lawrence before her, Woodley seems 100% incapable of being anything other than amazing in interviews, and that includes her new one with beauty website during which Woodley recommends a truly wonderful new skincare technique for a woman's genitals:

Another thing I like to do is give my vagina a little vitamin D. [Laughs] I was reading an article written by an herbalist I studied about yeast infections and other genital issues. She said there’s nothing better than vitamin D. If you’re feeling depleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much energy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy winters, when the sun finally comes out, spread your legs and get some sunshine.

Shailene Woodley does not elaborate on perhaps where the best place to perform this activity might be, but that's presumably because finding a place for junk sunbathin' is part of the fun. Do we do this in our backyards? On top of parked vans? In the ball pit at Burger King? Any number of places might be opportune for spreading one's legs for some UVA/UVB radiation! Helpful tip: If you must apply aloe vera to your fully exposed bathing suit region try not to make eye contact with passersby. Somebody WILL call 911 on you and Shailene Woodley will NOT accept your collect call from jail. [Jezebel]

Good news for religious conservatives with vindictive superstitions: Miley Cyrus' tour bus caught on fire! While en route to the New Orleans leg of her Bangerz Tour, Cyrus' bus apparently blew a tire around 2:30 a.m. and the heat from the friction suddenly engulfed the vehicle in flames! Don't worry though, everybody got off the bus safely and Cyrus' 14-year-old sister, Noah, posted tons of snaps and videos of the incident to her Instagram account:

So there you have it. Miley Cyrus' tour bus was momentarily a speeding fireball taking the country straight to hell in a slightly more literal sense than normal. [Page Six]

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Cyrus definitely went on to perform in New Orleans and then followed it up with a surprise visit to a local New Orleans karaoke dive where she jumped up onstage and joined in a rendition of the Sir Mix-A-Lot big band standard "Baby Got Back." Enjoy the awkwardness:

Of all the wild and exotical creatures to roam the plains of Africa, from the large screaming cats to the large wet river beasts to the medium-sized screaming cats, few animals are more elusive, dangerous and difficult to photograph than the legendary George Clooney and his girlfriend. But this past week some lucky safari-goers in Tanzania had a tense run-in with that exact fauna and lived to tell the tail! ("Tail" would be an animal pun in this situation, did you like it?) But Page Six found something fishy (which would be another pun, though admittedly less relevant to African plains but sometimes it's like, what are you gonna do?) about the impromptu photo-op from which gorgeous photos of Clooney and his ladyfriend were then published in People magazine within hours of being snapped. "Some wondered if the remote location shots were staged to show Clooney had moved on, now that his ex Stacy Keibler is married and rumored to be pregnant." That's right, in case it's not clear it was the safari-goers who wondered whether George Clooney was pulling a grade-school jealousy-making comeuppance toward his Ex, not Page Six. Page Six is reporting the facts, you see. Anyway, a "source" denies that Clooney staged his own African photo-op: "Clooney had nothing to do with staging the pictures." This is just a classic African mystery right here. Somebody call the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency! [Page Six]

Everybody knows that Dionne Warwick is possibly an immortal witch, but did you also know that she's been over $10 Million in debt for nearly 20 years? Fortunately the old girl's still got it, because she recently cast a spell over a bankruptcy court to excuse her from having to pay any of it back. In addition to that, Warwick gets to hang on to a lot of her personal possessions, which includes fur coats, a "2-year-old lap top" and "cash in her pocket" totaling $1,000. Let this be a warning to you: If in the next few weeks you encounter an apple-head doll with the voice of an angel wandering around in the street dressed in a fur coat and carrying a Dell computer and a bag stuffed with $1,000 worth of McGriddles, then stay FAR away from her. Dionne Warwick might be down and out but she is not above hexing people for kicks. Trust me. [TMZ]

But why are we talking about the sad times of our elders when the youngsters are having way more fun? For example, Lorde went to a Chicago Bulls game!

Also, Mariah Carey's holiday-themed selfie game remains unsurpassed. Here's her St. Patrick's Day edition:

Please note that "Shamrock not permanent, just for laughs!" Thank you.

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