Scarlett Johansson's Baby Bump Is the Newest Villain in "Avengers 2"

Today in celebrity gossip: Joss Whedon's eagerly anticipated Avengers sequel may be inconvenienced by Scarlett Johansson's pregnancy, Charlize Theron's Oscar party did not go well, and Justin Bieber may be trying to win Selena Gomez back.

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Today in celebrity gossip: Joss Whedon's eagerly anticipated Avengers sequel may be inconvenienced by Scarlett Johansson's pregnancy, Charlize Theron's Oscar party did not go well, and Justin Bieber may be trying to win Selena Gomez back.

It's all just fun celebrity gossip until there's a much-beloved billion dollar franchise on the line. Yesterday, news spread that Esquire's two-time Sexiest Woman Alive and, oh yeah, a very talented actress, Scarlett Johansson is five months pregnant with her first child with French fiancé Romain Dauriac. But then various internet fanboys started doing the math and realized that Johansson's most visibly pregnant months would coincide with the shooting schedule for Avengers: Age of Ultron! Sure, Black Widow isn't exactly the most integral character in that repertory company, but as the only female superhero, it would be bad form for Joss Whedon to write her out or something, right? But no worry, the producers have a contingency plan: An insider tells E! News that "They're going to fast-track her scenes." Meaning, presumably, they'll film Johansson's scenes (and especially her scenes that involve a tight leather catsuit) first. The filming for the second Avengers film begins in April after Johansson finishes her promotional duties for the new Captain America film (in which Black Widow is a lead character this time around). So rest easy, Marvel nerds. No inopportune Scarlett Johansson procreation will derail this particular freight train. [Page Six, E! Online]

While you and all your friends were out doing normal things on Sunday--like, say attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party--poor Charlize Theron was throwing a party of her own and it did not seem to go well! The event was a $50,000 per table type thing benefiting Theron's charity, the Africa Outreach Project , but apparently a breakdown in the venue's ticketing system led to an invasion of riff-raff, beleaguered caterers being forced to serve "cold mashed potatoes and wings," and porta-potties that quickly became "gag-inducing dens of filth." Adding insult to injury, "the musical guests (Ne-Yo, Paris Hilton, and the Stafford Brothers) got WAY rowdier than organizers expected." That's right, Charlize Theron hired Paris Hilton as a musical guest, so, uh, a lot of bad decisions were made here. Meanwhile, Theron probably knew what was up and spent most of her evening at Madonna's party making out with Sean Penn, so at least she had a good time. [TMZ, Page Six]

If you watched Sunday's Oscar telecast you probably witnessed one of the show's main highlights: Ellen DeGeneres gathering up a gaggle of nearby A-listers for an impromptu group selfie. But the reverse angle of that charming scenario was downright heartbreaking:

That's a picture taken by Wall Street Journal's Ben Fritz showing Liza Minnelli struggling to be involved and getting lost behind the twin towers known as Julia Roberts and Channing Tatum. Poor Liza! She was a good sport about it, later joking through her spokesperson, "This picture explains why I never played basketball." Okay, great, I'm glad she has a good attitude about it, but why does my heart hurt so much? Honestly, I'm sort of mad at Julia Roberts and those bozos for not shuttling her to the front right away. Have some respect! [Us Weekly]

Who knows what's going on here, other than youngsters using social media when they're feeling low, but Justin Bieber just posted the above pic to Instagram of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez all dressed up for the Vanity Fair Oscar party? He then followed it with a selfie of himself lying in bed looking forlorn. So uh, yeah. It was that kind of morning, eh, Justin Bieber? We've all been there. You know, just Instagramming pictures of our exes all dressed up at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. This sort of thing is as universal as it gets.

For her part, Selena Gomez apparently had a GREAT time at the party, to the extent that Radar has now posted a piece calling out Selena Gomez for having the audacity to party so soon after going into rehab for "exhaustion" last January. According to the e-rag, Gomez was "boozing it up and even stumbled in her heels by the end of the night." What was making her behave this way, you may be wondering? Well Radar clarifies that Gomez "drank champagne and other light liquors that could have been vodka or gin." BOOM. Case closed. Selena Gomez has gone off the deep end and we should all be concerned. [Radar]

In other young-people-navigating-post-breakups news, pathological heartbreakee Taylor Swift had a run-in with her former flame Harry Styles at that same Vanity Fair Oscar party! (That party is where everything went down on Sunday, apparently.) But don't worry, it wasn't super dramatic. As a (teenage-sounding) "insider" told E! Online, Swift and Styles have "stayed in touch and were speaking for a while [at the party]. People think they don't talk but they're friends and on good terms. There are no bad feelings between them whatsoever." Phew! [E! Online]

And finally, because it is the law, here is the obligatory selfie of sexy actresses eating burgers in their Oscar gowns. Ladies and gentlemen, Olivia Munn and Emma Roberts:

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