Sasha Obama Is About to Become Teen-in-Chief

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Sasha Obama is about to become a teenager, and photos from her trip to China with her mom prove she is about to become the ultimate teenager, the teenager-in-chief, shall we say. 

Sasha turns 13 in June. But she's been barely concealing her disdain for basically everything for a while now. She was so over the turkey pardon. She yawned at the inauguration. Now she's taking her famous sass on the road. Cue the McKayla Maroney references. (Thanks, New York Post.)  

See, for instance, how she shoots a glance almost directly at a camera as she and her mother and sister are met by Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

She gives a Terracotta Warrior some serious side-eye.

In the following picture, there is no way she's not thinking, "stop, mom."

Here she is watching a folk dance, according to Reuters. She probably wants to go back to the hotel room and read Rookie and watch My So-Called Life.

But even teen champions can't stay sullen for too long.  


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