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One name missing from the Oscars' "in memoriam" segment was Sarah Elizabeth Jones, a crew worker killed last month while working on the Gregg Allman biopic. Jones, who was 27, wasn't a member of the Academy, but over 61,000 people signed a petition to have her name included with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Roger Ebert, and the others who died this year. According to The Los Angeles Times, sources leaked last last week that her name would be included on the site's longer tribute, though as one cinematographer who supported the petition wondered, "Why can't they stick one more picture in that memoriam? What's the big deal?"

While many crew workers wanted to support one of their own, this is also a matter of raising awareness about safety in the industry. Jones was hit and killed by a train while filming Midnight Rider in an incident that injured seven others. Several attendees wore black ribbons to remember her:

And while Sarah Jones' photo didn't appear during the broadcast it was shown in the full slideshow online, along with a brief on-air pop-up. 


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