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It's fair to say that nearly everyone agrees that Russell Crowe's singing voice was the weakest link in Les Misérables. But here we are on the press tour for Noah and Russell Crowe is still belting out tunes. 

Now, Jimmy Fallon is an enabler in these situations, gamely providing backup harmonies, or in this case harmonica, for anyone who wants to grab a guitar on his set. So Crowe, who mind you has been in plenty of bands, decided he would bless us all with a rendition of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues." Because, why not? (Note: Crowe closes his eyes when he's really into a tune.)

But that's not all! Darren Aronofsky decided to use Noah to bring Crowe's vocal talents back onto the screen. Toward the beginning of the film, Crowe sings a lullaby—written by Patti Smith—to the younger version of Emma Watson's character, Ila. 

We guess there is no stopping the vocal stylings of Russell Crowe, but just like Javert, we implore everyone never to forget his name: 


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