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They say it never rains in Southern California, but those out on the Oscars red carpet realize that's not exactly the case. 

Though a bit of rain may have felt necessary in the drought-ridden locale, the weather now interfering with the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards. Now it's probably not going to be pouring as stars walk down the red carpet—at least if you believe—but that hasn't stopped people from making a thing of the rain. Fandango's Dave Karger noted that the red carpet was uncovered this morning, in a move that perhaps angered the weather gods.

Now, with the red carpet more populated, reporters are posting their umbrella photos. 


And, of course, the red carpet ghouls at E! had something to say. Giuliana Rancic gave a special notice to stars during the red carpet pre-show. "Star, stars, you're watching, we know it," Rancic coached. "Allow a little extra time to get here and bring an umbrella just in case the rain doesn't stop. Black goes with everything so a black umbrella works." Wise words, Giuliana. Wise words. 

It's worth noting that the Golden Globes also had a wet red carpet, but that was sprinkler-related, and just as the red carpet gets underway it appears the weather gods have smiled. 

Update: Now there's sun! 

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