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An unreleased Daft Punk track featuring Jay-Z leaked on the internet today, and though it was first met with questions about its authenticity, "Computerized" has since been confirmed as real. The only trouble is that no one likes it. 

The song is basically what you would expect: Jay-Z rapping over a Daft Punk beat with a robotic voice saying "computerized" every once and a while. Unfortunately, that isn't enough for people. In the hours since it first leaked, "Computerized" has been panned pretty thoroughly:

When you hear that Daft Punk and Jay-Z collaborated on a song, there are certain expectations that come along with that news: "Computerized" clearly did not meet them. The problem, it would appear, is that neither Jay-Z nor Daft Punk seem to be putting forth a real effort. In other words, it sounds like what it is: a b-side: 

Listen for yourself and see if it's as bad as Twitter is saying.

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