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Liam Neeson is the immovable object fighting an unstoppable force, again, or something. After beating terrorists (twice!) and wolves, he moved on to fighting against space and time and audiences followed. Oh, and Jesus is all over The Wire this morning, in bird form and more traditional fare. 

Your top five:

1. Non-Stop (Universal): $30 million in 3,090 theaters

Liam Neeson takes on a plane filled bad guys, bombs and the military and — we see this in the trailer so it's not a spoiler — eventually gravity, too, in his latest, and it's no shock that people flocked to Non-Stop. At this point I will pay to see Neeson single-handedly take down an army of lions on a pirate ship. There's something about Neeson taking on more outrageous challenges each year around this time — when the only other options are terrible January fare and the last of the prestige Oscar fare — that's almost soothing. He is a reliably entertaining beacon through the dark winter months. Let's keep thinking of the most ridiculous scenarios possible and throwing Liam Neeson them. 

2. Son of God (Fox): $26.5 million in 3,260 theaters

The first of the month's two major religious movies is here, and for a movie with no recognizable names in front of or behind the camera, Son of God had a respectable weekend. The power of Christ compelled it all the way to second place! 

3. The Lego Movie (Warner): $21 million in 3,770 theaters

The tiny brick juggernaut continues to print money at an alarming rate, but let's talk about an even bigger animated triumph, one that will leave tonight's Oscar with at least one statue. Frozen crossed the $1 billion mark globally this weekend. Crossing that threshold will make the Oscar victories tonight taste that much sweeter. But later, at the after party, make sure the Disney executives are paying for the champagne. They can afford it. 

4. The Monuments Men (Sony): $5 million in 3,002 theaters

There will be plenty of jokes about Clooney's sex life tonight, but it'll be interesting to see how many times people poke at Monuments Men

5. 3 Days to Kill (Relativity): $4.9 million in 2,872 theaters

There has to be some kind of silver lining to this movie's existence. It's embarrassing for everyone involved. I mean, at least Kevin Costner isn't in another romantic comedy for old people? He deserves better though. 

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