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America: Meet the Mercer Bears, the first breakout stars of this year's NCAA basketball tournament. The 14-seed's new found fame comes from one part upsetting the reviled Duke Blue Devils in the first round, and then one-part providing the TV cameras with two instantly .gif-worthy moments.

The gif of the tournament so far (courtesy SB Nation), is backup senior guard Kevin Canevari breaking it down in front of a circle of his teammates. That mix of arm-swinging, booty-popping, torso-swinging moves made the unlikely underdogs even more lovable.

But Caneveri might been outplayed by his own teammate, Anthony White Jr., who dance-bombed his coach's victory interview with an impromptu — and impressive — robot dance. Who wore it better?

(via gifdsports)

Perhaps not coincidentally, Mercer comes from the same conference as last year's darling Florida Gulf Coast University. That high-flying squad, nicknamed "Dunk City," was pretty good at dancing, too, lest we forget.

Well done, Atlantic Sun Conference.

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