'The Maze Runner' Trailer Introduces the Latest Dystopian Threat to Teens

Another day, another potential YA franchise.

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Another day, another potential YA franchise. With Divergent set to open this weekend, 20th Century Fox has released the first trailer for The Maze Runner, yet another film about good looking youths fighting to survive in a dystopian society.

The Maze Runner is based on a 2009 book by James Dashner, and what immediately distinguishes it from The Hunger Games is the fact that its protagonist is a boy. Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf) plays Thomas, who we first see being transported in a cage-like elevator to the Hunger Games arena a mysterious locale called the Glade where he's greeted by other boys. Outside of the walls is a maze that opens every day when two boys are supposed to enter the maze and look for a way out. They don't return. The fact that the world is mostly filled with boys—that is until a mysterious girl arrives—gives the entire thing a Lord of the Flies vibe.

The movie is the first feature from director Wes Ball, who has worked in the visual effects and arts departments of a variety of projects, and the cast is filled with some interesting youngsters. They include: Will Poulter of We're the Millers, Thomas Brodie-Sangster of Game of Thrones (a.k.a. the little boy from Love Actually), and Kaya Scoledario of Skins.

Fox, however, doesn't seem to have that high hopes for the movie. The studio is releasing it in September, after the summer blockbuster fray but before holiday movie season.

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