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Mad Men teasers have a way of giving you absolutely nothing, but working you up to the extent that you don't think it's possible to wait another month for the show's return. This latest one's no different.

Set to the tune of "Breakdown" by Alice Russell (via Vulture), the trailer shows some of your favorite characters milling about an airport in very slow motion. Megan gets out of a taxi seductively. Betty smokes a cigarette. Pete, whose hairline continues to do him no favors, accepts a ticket. Roger ogles a lady. Peggy walks forward with her head up. The tagline reads: "It's all up in the air."

What can we infer from this? Absolutely nothing. "I don't want to disappoint any attempts to read into any meaning for the show, but we pick a milieu for the publicity photography every year where we can lean on the good looks of the cast and place them in an environment that puts people in the mood for the show," creator Matthew Weiner told The Hollywood Reporter recently. "We love the contrast because there is zero glamour in air travel right now. It was just an environment to take pictures."  

But isn't it tempting to think about the airport as a metaphor for these character's journeys? Okay, okay, we'll stop. Come on, April 13. 

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